Nicaragua, March 2011

Challenge MeterIn late March, Roadmonkey returns to the land of Rubén Darío - one of Latin America€™s most revered poets - to explore, hike & surf the unknown & unspoiled beaches and coves south of San Juan del Sur.

Then we'll build a kitchen for a school in Managua, Nicaragua's friendly, pulsating capital city.

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Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without ever noticing it, live your way into the answer. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

expedition route & itinerary

Our adventure begins in the colonial city of Grenada, about 1 hour south of Managua, and takes us to a volcanic lake for a swim and lunch en route to the unexplored southern beaches and their adjacent jungle forests - unexplored kilometer-long stretches of coastline. Care to surf? Grab a board and walk down to the playa (lessons available; beginners welcome). Beach hiking or swimming more your thing? The vast, unvisited coastline is yours.

On our 4th day, we'll drive north to Managua, where we'll complete a 3-day, hands-on kitchen-building project, working with local community members.

Check Out the Playground Our 2010 Nicaragua Expedition Team Built

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volunteer project

We will be building a kitchen for a primary school in Managua, working with brick & mortar, wood, hammer, saws, nails and shovels. At the end of three days, an impoverished primary school will have a functioning kitchen to cook balanced hot meals for young students. Our non-profit partner is the Fabretto Foundation.

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expedition cost & timeframe

The price for this Nicaragua adventure philanthropy expedition includes full lodging, ground transport, equipment rentals and most meals, save for one or two taken during your free time. The price also includes planning and development of a hands-on volunteer project that you and your expedition members will complete in three days. International flights are not included in this price.

The expedition begins on Saturday, Mar. 26, after we meet you at the airport in Managua, and concludes the following Sunday, Apr. 2, with an optional drop-off back at the airport.

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lodging & food

Lodging is at superior hotels, inns or guest houses whenever available. Your first night, in Granada, is a soft landing in a single room at a 4-star-level hotel. Thereafter, lodging will be comfortable, safe double rooms.

Food in Nicaragua is classically Central American: plenty of rice, beans, tortillas, tomatoes, meat and fish; seafood by the coast is deliciously plentiful. Vegetarians are well served almost anywhere.

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arrival & departure

Expedition members should plan to arrive in Managua on Saturday, Mar. 26 for personal pick up, and depart from Managua beginning no earlier than noon on Sunday, April 2.

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Adventurers Who Travel Different, Talk About It:

What you are doing has had a huge affect on all of us, internally. Externally, there is a playground where there was none and a bit more hope than there was just a week ago. There are ties forged by the experience that go both ways, and cross oceans, that will never be undone. It's a beautiful thing.
~ John, architect

Thank you for an incredible trip. I was surprised to return from travel to a new land feeling rejuvenated by and indebted to a group of people I traveled with. We Roadmonkeys dug our toes into foreign soil and I got the feeling that, in a little over a week, we were let in on some of the secrets Peru keeps from travelers of convenience.
~ McKenna, hedge fund administrator

I was hoping for a trip through which I would learn about and participate in another culture and be challenged mentally, emotionally and physically in a relatively safe format. The Roadmonkey trip fulfilled and, then, wildly exceeded all my expectations.
~ Chelsea, biochemist

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