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Pick one of two routes into the rugged, pristine beauty of Patagonia. The first is less physically demanding than the second. Both are ridiculous - in a good way. 

Patagonia: Glacier & Backcountry

Take on the natural wonder that is northern or southern Patagonia: trek a glacier, paddle a pristine lake, horseback into rolling countryside, hike into wild backcountry.

Patagonia: Extreme Ice

A 5-day trek across the Patagonia's permanent southern ice cap. You'll be roped in. You'll pull your own gear sled. You'll camp on the ice. An glacier experience of a lifetime. Appropriate for beginners

Then it's onward to cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, the vibrant cultural capital of South America, to direct some of that positive Patagonia
energy into a 3-day volunteer project.

how challenging are the patagonia expeditions?

Our Backcountry expedition is physically moderate and visually breathtaking. You decide how active, easy or hard core you want to make it. Our Extreme Ice expedition is a passport to another world - for those who enjoy being physically tested a bit more rigorously.

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Silvana M.

"Traveling with Roadmonkey is a journey of knowledge, philanthropy, and an accumulation of laughter and new friendships. It can be a high-adrenaline adventure or a peaceful venture of wonderment. Roadmonkey allows one to engage in a meaningful experience of community service that will forever remain in your heart and plant a seed of change in many lives."

Eric H.
Construction Manager

"In Argentina, there was so much natural beauty. Everywhere you looked, it was another postcard. Our group was an amazing group of people. But more importantly to me, it was the wonderful people you meet (during our volunteer project) that you have no idea existed"

Michelle F.

"Most people travel to see something. Roadmonkey attracts those who travel to feel something. It may be your body hitting the ground as your bike crashes on top of you on a muddy road. Or it may be the realization that your destination is not a place, but a new way of seeing things. Adventure philanthropy joins the self-determination and motivation of true travel, peppers it with a little anthropology, and throws in some goofball moments to keep it all real."

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What Our Clients Have to Say About Roadmonkey:

What you are doing has had a huge affect on all of us, internally. Externally, there is a playground where there was none and a bit more hope than there was just a week ago. There are ties forged by the experience that go both ways, and cross oceans, that will never be undone. It's a beautiful thing.
~ John, architect

Thank you for an incredible trip. I was surprised to return from travel to a new land feeling rejuvenated by and indebted to a group of people I traveled with. We Roadmonkeys dug our toes into foreign soil and I got the feeling that, in a little over a week, we were let in on some of the secrets Peru keeps from travelers of convenience.
~ McKenna, hedge fund administrator

I was hoping for a trip through which I would learn about and participate in another culture and be challenged mentally, emotionally and physically in a relatively safe format. The Roadmonkey trip fulfilled and, then, wildly exceeded all my expectations.
~ Chelsea, biochemist

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