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One Birthday Wish I Could Do Without

 by Paul von Zielbauer On Wednesday, Aug. 28, I had a birthday. It was a nice birthday. I received dozens of emails and messages from friends and family. And then I got this from a bank called CapitalOne 360: from:  Capital One 360 <saver@capitalone360.com> reply-to:  sales@capitalone360.com to:  Paul <xxxxxxxx@gmail.com> date:  Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at […]

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A Peru Adventure Travel Experience ‘One Notch Up’

by Andrea Guzman In early 2011, I found myself in need of a challenge – I wanted to travel, see something gritty and real and also give back in a meaningful way. One day, flipping through Oprah magazine in a doctor’s office, I saw an article on Paul von Zielbauer, the Roadmonkey founder, and his […]

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Why I Left The New York Times

People have asked me to explain why I left a successful career as a New York Times staff writer. Other people wondered about the genesis of Roadmonkey. They’re two sides of the same coin, really. Here’s the story: I’ll start with a sentence I wrote, in 2010, for MindFood, an Australian monthly that asked me […]

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