The Meaning of Roadmonkey

Many people ask us what Roadmonkey means. Not literally but figuratively. Except non-English speakers, who actually do want to know the dictionary definition of road • monk • ey. (There isn’t one).

Canadian Roadmonkey: Emily G. in Vietnam


Roadmonkey means all of the things below. But it also means what you have come to think of Roadmonkey. The definition lives in each of you, independently but part of a whole. An individual’s idea of Roadmonkey and the community definition of it are equally valid. We don’t own what it means. You do.

The meanings of Roadmonkey:

Challenge yourself to maximize your potential, for yourself and others

Embrace uncertainty – for you can’t grow rich in mind, body, spirit or $ without pushing yourself beyond what is easy, fast and comfortable

Be mindful of habits – for habits can connote the stereotypical

Burn always with this hard, gemlike flame

Break out of routines, to experience the reward you get for doing things differently

Build something with your hands

Create opportunities for yourself and people struggling to make it

Give yourself confidence to accomplish anything, in any environment

Connect to like-minded people – an incredible worldwide support network

Be creative in a foreign culture – how cool is that?

Test your limits, however you define them

Ask questions of yourself that didn’t occur to you back in Habitland

Find answers to those questions

Start being more positively personally powerful

Share your blessings with folks who don’t have nearly as many

Kick some ass, do some good

Find the slow-burn, long-lasting happiness that money can’t buy

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